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The main advantages and disadvantages of PVC skin packaging film, you have to know when choosing the body packaging film

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In the past 20 years, China's export economy has risen rapidly, and PVC skin packaging film (PVC body film) has been widely used to help Chinese manufacturing companies to put their own goods through exquisite body packaging, and a steady stream of Delivered to every corner of the world, it is also a powerful testimony of the Chinese manufacturing economy. As a small-sized product manufacturer, it is necessary to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the PVC body packaging film (body film). Because we fully understand the characteristics of this kind of skin-packaging film material, give full play to its advantages and avoid its shortcomings, we can achieve the best personal packaging effect.

The chemical name of PVC is polyvinyl chloride, and the film made of it has a hard film and a soft film. The packaging film is mainly a hard PVC sheet.

The transparency of the rigid PVC film is very high, which has great advantages for the body packaging, because the body packaging is essentially a visual display package for the shelf goods, and the transparency of the packaging film is very high. The high-gloss, high-transparency packaging film gives the packaged product a better visual effect.

Another advantage of PVC body film is the low cost. The price cost is the lowest in all body wrap films. It is the most cost-effective film for body packaging.

Due to its inherent physical properties, PVC skin packaging film has relatively poor tensile properties. The body packaging is used to heat and soften the film in a vacuum, and the film is absorbed and molded according to the shape of the product, and is adhered to the bottom of the product. On the cardboard. The thickness of the main standard thickness PVC body film is 6 filaments, 8 filaments, 10 filaments, 12 filaments, 15 filaments, 20 filaments, and the like. The tensile properties of PVC are slightly poor, and the products with low packaging height and standardized shape have better effects. For example, small products such as hardware products, hardware tools, and auto parts with a packaging height of less than 2 cm can be made of a PVC body film with a thickness of 6-10 filaments. However, if the product is relatively high and irregular, the PVC packaging film is easily sucked under a strong vacuum suction, so that the PVC film around the product is not well absorbed. This leads to poor packaging.

Another disadvantage of PVC body films is that they are more brittle at low temperatures (less than 5 degrees). The result of such a defect may be that the packaging film is brittle, resulting in loss of dispersion of the packaged product. Therefore, it is recommended that the product should not be used in low temperature areas or countries unless the price of the packaging film is first considered.

A disadvantage of PVC film is that it is not environmentally friendly. It cannot package food directly. Some countries will ban the use of PVC packaging materials. Depending on the situation, some customers have no clear environmental requirements in certain areas and can use this film.

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