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The main purpose and price of PVC coated cloth

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The application of PVC coated cloth in life is still very extensive, but when faced with such a name, you may feel relatively professional and unfamiliar. When you are on the highway, you can see the big cloth on the big truck next to it, and on the rainy day, you will put a poncho like a car on your car. . There are raincoats that we wear on our own rainy days. These things are all PVC coated fabrics.

The main purpose of this kind of cloth is not in our daily life, but in other areas of production and transportation. When transporting long-distance goods in trains or cars, if the things that are transported are not in contact with water, then it is necessary to cover them with PVC coated cloth. The main function is waterproof. The coated cloth can also be used on the mine. Generally, it is necessary to excavate deeply during the operation of the mine. There is no air in the ground, and the air needs to be diverted. At this time, the PVC coated cloth is used for guiding the wind. If people living in the north should see it, in the winter, people will put a layer of things on the heating pipe or the water pipe. The kind of cloth-like thing is PVC coated cloth, which is mainly used for heat preservation. effect.

In addition, PVC coated fabrics can also be used to build tents, create temporary housing and so on. Due to the wide application of PVC coated cloth, there are many manufacturers of coated fabrics, and the supply on the market is also very large. Therefore, the price is not too expensive, and it is a general consumer product. The specific price is generally determined by the size of the cloth you buy. If it is wholesale, it will be even cheaper.


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